2020_01_29_Welcome Hosts

Dear Hosts,

A very warm welcome to all of you! GLH2020 has now OFFICIALLY begun. We will be announcing you as official hosts along with the categories/challenges/awards via PR and social media throughout the weekend and the following week. We are very excited to have you all on board! Below are tasks and information for you.

Below is some valuable information and action items.
Host Contact Information
Currently, we only have the contact information on the hosts that submitted the Host Application Form. If someone in your team needs to receive host email updates, please fill out the form below.
Knowledge BaseThe GLH knowledge base is the first step to find out information about the hackathon. We have created a knowledge base for hosts and attendees. We encourage all hosts to use our knowledge base for resources on how to host and run their hackathon. - We will be updating it, so we please check the site regularly

Host Knowledge Base

Attendee Knowledge Base https://attendeehelp.globallegalhackathon.com/

Social Media
Below are the links to our social media platforms, where we will be sharing information about GLH.

LinkedIn :  https://www.linkedin.com/company/global-legal-hackathon /

Twitter: https://twitter.com/worldhackathon

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/worldhackathon/

Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/worldhackathon/  

Official GLH2020 Rules
In order for participants to compete in further rounds, every participant must sign the Official Rules.
Official Rules Agreement

Hackathon Weekend Schedule

Hosting Logo On GLH Website
We will be adding the hosting location logo (limited to two) to our website. Please submit in below with the file name. ( Example Format)

Directions: submit logos below.
-Format of Label: City name_ Name or organization.
-Example NewYork_AcmeLaw
-Logo Submission https://driveuploader.com/upload/ITJxXYTlMh/


We are finalizing the platform for participants to register. In the meantime, you as a host may setup your own registration, but you may have to migrate that data over to a new platform. Ultimately, we will need your contacts that are attending the GLH in spreadsheet.