2020_02_02 GLH2020 Host Update 2

Hello Hosts,

If you don't know me, I am Pierson Grider. I have volunteered and help organize the GLH over the past three years. This year is going to be even better. Throughout the next month, you will be receiving updates from me that include GLH information, host duties, and items we need from you as hosts. Kearra, #GLH2020 Executive Director, will provide you additional information as well.
Hosts Tasks
Based on input from previous years, hosts can use their own registration platform for this year's hackathon. However, the GLH will be sending out updates to participants the week prior to GLH. Therefore, all hosts must submit the current registration list to me via email by February 28, 2020. Hosts must use the format below in a spreadsheet below or your form will be rejected. 
Free Registration Platforms Include: Google Forms and Eventbrite
If hosts fail to submit their attendee list to us before the hackathon is over, winners from your location will not be able to compete in the second round
Social Media
Please send me the links to your social media accounts, so we can support your event.
GLH2020 will be using Slack as our global platform for communication. We will have channels for each host locations and private channels for hosts to collaborate. Please join here:  Host Slack Information
Hosting Logo On GLH Website
We will be adding the hosting location logo (limited to two) to our website. Please submit in below with the file name. ( Example Format)
Directions: submit logos below.
-Format of Label: City name_ Name or organization.
-Example NewYork_AcmeLaw
Host Contact Information
Currently, we only have the contact information on the hosts that submitted the Host Application Form. If someone in your team needs to receive host email updates, please fill out the form below. https://forms.gle/LSNpKCeHjKxHzg3j6  
Host F&Q