2020_03_03 Host Update 5

Attendee Registration

Hosts, if you have not yet, please email me your attendees registered to your event. The GLH would like to email attendees with updates.

Signed Host Rules

Remember all attendees must sign and agree to host rules to qualify for any future rounds. Send them the link below.


Submitting Winning Teams

There is one winning team from your host city that is eligible to move on to the second round. Winning solutions can be either a private benefit or public benefit.

Please fill out the form below with first, second, and third place teams. We will contact the winning teams to have them fill out a form with their team’s information. If the first place team does not want to move on to the second round, we will contact the second place team. 


Submit Your Judges' Information

Please submit the information about your judges. Also, you can nominate judges that can participate in future judging rounds. 


Remote Participation

We have opened up remote participation this year for attendees that cannot participate at a local event. Please see the information in this link below.



Have you and your attendees join our Slack Workspace. Let me know if you or any other hosts need to be invited to the host private channels. Here is the best place for hosts to collaborate and communicate with each other.