Local & Global Sponsorships

Local Sponsorships

Although sponsorships are not required to make your local event wonderful, you might want to seek sponsorships to help you make your event even better, and bigger than what you're already planning. 

What might you use sponsorship money for? Here are some ideas: 

  • To offset some of the costs associated with hosting the hackathon (space booking fees, food and beverages, name tags and supplies etc.) 
  • T-shirts and other event collateral to give to participants to represent proudly your city location of the hackathon. 
  • Local entertainment to give their participants that added experience. 
  • Social outings after the hackathon. 
  • and more! 

Feel free to extract and translate this information, as needed to provide your interested sponsors with the necessary information in their language. 

We ask that hosts solicit and coordinate their own sponsorship needs. The "Sponsorship Opportunities" one-pager at the bottom of this page has details about local and global sponsorship opportunities and is intended for hosts to distribute to potential sponsors.

Global Sponsorships

The ultimate success of all three rounds of the hackathon depends on global contributions. Global contributions are handled by the GLH and deposited directly into the Global Legal Hackathon fund. 

The global fund is used to supplement the greater needs of the hackathon, such as airfare and accommodations for the finalists in May. The magnitude of an organization's global contribution also determines it's global exposure at the final round, during the hackathon live stream, on SWAG, in communications etc.

Please contact [email protected] to setup your global sponsorship package.