Suggested Supplies and Handouts

These are items you may need for your event.

  • Paper, markers, and tape to write and post signs
  • Name tag stickers and markers for people to write their names on their name tag
    • You can have different colored name tags that reflects the skills of a participants. This will make it easier for groups to form on the first day. 
      • Green = Technical/Developer
      • Red = Lawyer
      • Yellow = Business
      • Blue = Other
  • Note cards, pens, paper and other supplies to facilitate project planning
  • Plastic cups, paper plates, and disposable utensils if you are providing food and drink
  • Any Audio or Video equipment you may need
    • Video Camera if you want to record the event
    • Microphone and speakers for participants the present and pitch their ideas

Print handouts for participants that include:

  • WiFi info (SSID and password)
  • The event’s hashtag on twitter #GLH2020
  • The schedule (start time, lunch, end time, and workshop schedule if applicable)
  • A list or map of rooms

Print one copy per table (i.e. one copy for every ~5-10 participants).