Using Slack

The  Global Legal Hackathon Slack Community is the global communication platform used for the Global Legal Hackathon. This enables hosts, attendees, mentors and organizers to communicate with one other in a number of ways, before, during, and after the hackathon.

  • Host Access:  If you are a host and didn't get an  an invite, just join through the public link then once in Slack send a direct message (DM) to @Ian to to get added to the relevant host channels.
  • Access for Attendees, Mentors, etc, AKA for all others involved with the hackathon, will be launched soon. Read about this in the Attendee Help KB article about using Slack.

Please read and understand the following info to have the best Host user experience in the GLH Slack Community:

Default Public Channels

  • The Default Public Channels (#global-general & #global-announcements) are for normal messaging among everyone (hosts, attendees, organizers, etc.).

Host Private Channels

  • The three Host Private Channels are for host specific topics/messaging (among hosts and organizers). These are #host-general, #host-announcements & #host-help, all of which hosts have been already added to. If you don't see one or more of these channels for some reason you can direct message (DM) @Ian within Slack to be added.

Local Hackathon Public Channels

  • Local Hackathon Public Channels (#glh-dubai, #glh-los-angeles, etc.) are used for…you guessed it…local hackathon messaging. 
    • Hosts and Attendees can opt-in to these channels once they join Slack.
    • You can use this channel as your principal form of communicating with your attendees before during and after the hackathon.
    • To help orient your attendees when they join your local channel, you can add relevant information, such as the usernames of the hosts, in the channel Topic and/or Purpose fields.
    • Attendees that need assistance with anything can message hosts in their local channel and when necessary hosts can loop organizers in through sharing the relevant info in the #host-help private channel.

Adding Attendees to Slack

  • It is the hosts responsibility to invite attendees to our Slack platform. 
  • If you wish to send out additional communication to your attendees, mentors, etc. about joining Slack, you have two ways:
    • Send them to the standard join page ( where they can add themselves and then handle finding and joining your local channel in their own.
    • Invite them directly to your local channel within Slack
      • Read how to Invite new members to Slack
      • It'll probably be easiest to use the add many at once option so you can just paste in email addresses.
      • When inviting be sure to add your local channel under the Default Channels option so they will join it automatically when they sign up.

Team Messaging/Collaboration

  • Once teams are defined at each location, they can self organize into their own team Private Channel for their messaging/collaboration.
  • Private Channel creation will be enabled the first day of the hackathon. The delay in this access is to help attendees and hosts funnel into the existing public channel for their location in the lead up to the event. Until then any necessary private group communication can take place in group DMs.