2019_01_18 Registration Open


Hello Hosts,

Thank you hosts for supporting #GLH2019. I am the Global Host Organizer for #GLH2019. I apologize for this long email, but it is packed with valuable information to have a successful hackathon.

Registration Open

On Tuesday, January 22, 2019, registration for participants will go live. All your host locations and logos will go live on our website. We will email you the list of all participants previously registered to you. Below are tasks that should be completed:

  1. Complete your Group Profile
  2. Complete your Event Page

We are using Hivebrite as the platform. Here is the guide we created about Hivebrite and how to create an account and gain admin access.

Hivebrite Participant Instructions

Here are the steps below for participants to have the best use of our community platform.

  1. Register to Hivebrite
    1. https://glh.hivebrite.com/
  2. Join the Host City or Group
  3. Join the Event in the Host City or Group

Weekly Webinars

Beginning Tuesday, January 29, 2019, we will be holding weekly webinars for all hosts. We will cover topics and answer questions. Hosts will get email reminders and all webinars will be posted to our knowledge base.

Hackathon Schedule

Below is the hackathon schedule template. This is a general guide on how to time your hackathon. Please see for details.

Hackathon Rules

Rules for the hackathon are being finalized by the GLH Rules Committee, but will be very similar to last year. Here is last years rules and will update the final rules in the coming weeks. Participants will likely have to agree to these rules. We are discussing this with legal on the best implementation of the rules.

Marketing Guide

We have created a social media and marketing guide for hosts. We want to help promote your content. If you have any additional content or marketing ideas, please contact [email protected]globallegalhackathon.com

Host Collaboration

Last year we used SLACK, and we are testing out an alternative community platform for this year for collaboration. Hivebrite provides a better platform for community in and collaboration. There is a group created just for Host. Please join Hivebrite and request access to the group.

Privacy and GDPR

Currently, our legal counsel is updating our privacy page. We will be providing you information about data storage soon.


First, if you have any questions about the hackathon, please visit our knowledge base. We are consistently updating it. Here, you will get the quickest answers. Second, please ask questions on our Host Group forum. Here is where hosts can ask questions and share answers.

**Host Information**

If you have not done this yet, please fill this out this form, so all of your host staff receive all of the updates. https://goo.gl/forms/pHn0fuMathvcUWOF3