2019_02_04 Important Updates

Hi everyone,

Thank you again for hosting #GLH2019. With the event just under three weeks away, we want to make sure everyone has the information necessary to pull off a great hackathon!


Live Host Webinar, 2/5/19, 9:00am PT

Topic: Cool Hivebrite Features, Getting People to Your Event

Important Updates:

  • Event page. Confirm your event page is created and customized with all of the key information for your group during hackathon weekend. Use other event pages, such as New York, for reference. If you need help, join us tomorrow for the webinar. Note: it will be recorded and available by tomorrow afternoon.

New York Group / New York Event

  • Invite participants. It’s time to start spreading the word and getting hackers in your area to join your event! We have created a draft email that can be used as a head-start for executing mass outreach to those in your area. Feel free to customize the email to suit your needs and your event.
  • Host Group Page. To connect with all hosts and share ideas, please join the Host page. This is a private page for all host admins. If someone on your team needs access to the page, have them join the host group first and then notify me, so that I can grant them access to the host page.
  • Remote participation. The GLH will not be running a remote participant option for #GLH2019. 
  • Judges. Submission of your judges is due by 11:59pm PT on February 16. Please use this form to submit the information for your judging panel.
  • Judging Rubric. Official Judging Rubric will be available one week prior to the hackathon. This rubric is intended to be used as a guide rather than a strict requirement. Each host can make adjustments they feel are necessary. The rubric provided is what will be used in the second and third rounds.
  • Host Email Updates. If someone on your team needs to receive email updates, please fill out the GLH Contact form if you have not done so.

We will continue to provide information at least twice a week until the hackathon weekend and will host a live webinar every Tuesday. Don’t forget the host knowledge base is packed with helpful information so check it out. If you have questions not answered in the knowledge base, send us an email. We’re here to help!

Thank you!