Local Promotion Tips

You're encouraged to start promoting your host location locally.  Here's some ideas to help get you started: 

  • Reach out to local media and publications for the legal space, and the technology or startup community space. Tell them about what you're doing, and usually they love to share with their audiences!
  • Reach out to local law firms, law schools, legaltech companies, and co-working spaces to promote the event and encourage developers and legal professionals to get involved. 
  • Promote through all of your organizations, and partner organizations social channels: LinkedIN, Twitter, Facebook, even Instagram! 
  • Promote through your personal social channels and encourage all of your fellow organizers to do so also. 

In the coming weeks we'll be providing resources and more information on how you can promote locally, and in the meantime feel free to get creative and start show casing why your location is going to be so awesome!